Hero III: Stabbed from the Grave

Hello, Welcome to Episode three of “Hero” on TPC. Please share your comments and invite others to read as well. This series will be ending in two episodes and i have decided to take a poll on my next story. Your vote will help me choose between writing a story on “One Night Stand'” or “Secret Relationships”. I got inspiration for these two topics on twitter and thenakedconvos.com.  If you want a story on any of these themes, then vote.  May promises to be an exciting month on thepasssionchronicles, courtesy of you. Have fun.

Mrs Nkem pushed her way in the dark through the passage connecting the sitting room to the only room in the one-bedroom flat Ambassador Olayiwola had rented for her daughter. The house was a serviced apartment located on Isaac John Street in Ikeja. She had pushed Oluchi into coercing the ambassador to rent the flat and furnish it exquisitely. She entered the room and headed straight for the safe where Oluchi kept important documents. The safe was a small black leather box that had a history that dated back fifty years. It contained marriage certificates of her parents, death certificates of all deceased family members, and pictures of members of the family lineage. Chinyere had only one mission as she opened the safe; it was to retrieve a document that will change the course of events in the next couple of days. It was the joker that will change the story of her lineage forever; a document she had carefully groomed Oluchi to acquire shortly after the birth of Emeka. It was her belief that it will be lying face up as the lock to the safe clicked open, but alas her hope was dashed. The countenance on her face changed quickly when she discovered the document could not be retrieved in the first couple of seconds. She frantically overturned the contents of the safe on the bed, while her eyes scanned quickly to see if the document would surface quickly.

Aduke woke up with a thud in her heart. She felt she must have heard a sound at the door. Reaching out to switch on the bedside lamp, she took a quick glance at the door which had no evidence of tamper on it. It was barely 3 am in the midnight, and Stephanie was curled up in bed with her baby.  Aduke sat up on the bed wondering why her heart paced heavily. Something had to be wrong somewhere. She opened her mouth muttering a few words of prayer, and after a couple of minutes she heard  Stephanie speaking from her dream, “The game is changing. The game is changing. Where’s Oluchi?” Aduke tapped her daughter in-law “Steph,..You spoke from your sleep…”. Stephanie, roused from her sleep , stretched and said “Mama, why are you awake? Are you okay?”. “Very okay Steph…but I do not understand the words you spoke in your sleep just now”. Stephanie turned her back on her mother-in law, adjusted her pillow, and continued in her state of rest. Aduke knew well that her daughter in-law’s words were not ordinary.  Being a woman who would not take strange occurrences and utterances like this for granted, she sprang up from the bed and headed to the door. She was going to find Oluchi.

“Mummy…the certificate is with me, and I am not releasing it to you”, Oluchi tried not to shout on the phone since it was midnight. “Oluchi, will you listen to me. I am your mother, and I know what is best for you. Will I ask you to do something that will hurt you?…this is for the good of your future, and that of your son. Onye Nzuzu!” Mrs Nkem screamed on the other side of the phone conversation. The conversation had now lasted  twenty five minutes. Oluchi was tempted to yield to her mother’s demands. The certificate had been in the only handbag she carried since Emeka’s father died in the helicopter crash. “Mama..I’ll call you in the morning. Let me think about this very well”.  “Time is of the essence. I’ll be expecting your call”, Mrs Nkem replied. The thought of legal legitimacy of her son and herself was worth a sleepless night. Oluchi wished the dilemma away. This was the result of an adulterous relationship with a man that was married to another woman. Her first close encounter with Aduke the night before showed she was not a woman who deserved to have her husband shared by a stranger.  She pulled out her bag from under the bed, and brought out the document that had been the source of contention with her mother. She looked at it over and over again to be sure the document had not been swapped at any point in time. She held the document in her hand and walked briskly to lock the door. Aduke opened the door from the other end and stood face to face with Oluchi, who could not hide the surprise on her face, and the document in her hand.

“Are you okay? I came to check on you.” Aduke looked at her curiously. Her eyes caught the document in Oluchi’s hands, and it looked to her that was the reason she came. Oluchi, realizing Aduke’s gaze on the document, took a few steps backwards and answered “I am fine. You could have knocked.” Adrenaline flooded Aduke’s bloodstream and she lurched forward at unsuspecting Oluchi, arm twisted her, and grabbed the document in her hands. Oluchi grabbed her wrapper which fell off while she ran out of the room half naked. Oluchi ran after Aduke who was shouting for her son and his wife. “Sola….Solaaaa…Solaaa…Stephanie….”  Oluchi stopped in her tracks when Aduke took the first flight of stairs.  The game was over.

Aduke stood on the stairs staring at the document in her hands.  Her voice died inside her, and her limbs weakened. She managed to whisper to Sola as he descended the first flight of stairs “Your father was married to Oluchi!”.  The marriage certificate between Oluchi and James dropped from her hands and she said. “I have just been stabbed from the grave”.



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  1. Ajoyo, You are really gifted in this keep it up. Indeed its been educative and entertaining as well. Sorry for not leaving comments. I have been lazy in doing that. Cheers!


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