Hi guys, Welcome to the second episode of Beneath The Sheets. Tell me what you think of this at the end. Read. Learn, and don’t forget to share. You can wait for a week to get Episode 3, Can’t you? Enjoy


Fate and the night had other plans apart from the issues that brought Tracy to Greg’s house for a surprise dinner. A few hours before, while searching for an old magazine to read until Greg returned home from work, some documents had fallen on top of her head. One of the documents was Greg’s international passport; she opened it curiously, and discovered a valid Canadian visa had been issued to the man she thought would be the father of her children. On careful scrutiny, she realized the visa was not only valid but also recent.  Tracy returned to the kitchen immediately, turned off the cooker, and returned the bowl of rice back into the cupboard. Her stomach churned severally, making cacophonous sounds inside her. Do not get annoyed Tracy. She painfully worked on her emotions; knowing her manifestations of anger could be lethal. Look at the bigger picture. The bigger picture was the reason she had decided to give Greg a surprise dinner. So when was Greg going to inform her that he was travelling out of the country? She had heard of several episodes of ladies and their run-away boyfriends, how could she be another statistic?

At a few minutes past 12am, she saw the lights of his car approach. Greg alighted from his vehicle and walked through the gates whistling happily, his footsteps reverberating through the hallway. He slid his key through the keyhole and pushed the door open. Sitting on the couch opposite the door was Tracy.

“Baby, baby, baby…,you sure know how to surprise a man, don’t you?”.  Greg shut the door and ran towards Tracy whose face was not as inviting as the translucent night gown she spotted.

“Hey, whatsup? This was meant to be a surprise, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it was! A surprise you ruined.”

“Look, baby I’m sorry I came late. I had to finish documenting the MDs brief for his trip to Abuja on Monday morning. Besides, I was not expecting you.” He leaned over to kiss her on the cheek.

Pushing him aside with one hand, she revealed the content of the other hand.

“When were you going to tell me you were travelling to Canada?”

“What’s that in your hands? Where did you get that from?” He pointed to the passport in her hands.

“Answer my question Greg.”Tracy took a deep breath Control your temper.

“Look, I have wanted to tell you, okay.” His voice trembled slightly.

“I am tired of this country. Nothing is working for me. I thought I could start a new life in Canada.” He straightened up, ready to confront the ugly situation.

“Oh, you have concluded all the plans already.” Tracy looked up at the Greg.

“What happens to me? What happens to us?”

“Baby, we have talked about this over and over again. I have told you I am not ready to get married. I cannot take care of you with my meagre salary in Lagos.”

“I am not ready …I am not ready….that’s all you keep saying. And what if I told you I was pregnant?” She looked from the contours on his face to his eyeballs.

“I cannot be a father now. I am sorry.”

“It’s pointless hoping on a thirty two year old idiot.” Tracy dropped the international passport in her hands and walked away.

“Are you pregnant?” Greg grabbed her right hand.

“No, but if I was, would it make a difference? After all you are Mr nobody in Nigeria who cannot father a child, and so you must leave for Canada. Get your filthy hands off me! That’s three freaking years down the drain!”

Running to the room, Tracy flung her nightgown into her small briefcase. There was no time to cry, this was the reason why it was necessary to have Plan B in case of disappointments. At twenty seven years of age, the streets of Lagos had lessons of wisdom for ladies like her; and she had grabbed not a few along the way.

“Where are you going?” Greg stood at the door watching Tracy pack her clothes into her suitcase.

“One more time, Greg; ask me that question one more time and I swear i will destroy your Canadian visa. You wretched bastard! ”

Holding on tightly to his passport Greg did not say a word, knowing Tracy to be one who will make good her threat without much ado; he watched quietly until she dressed up fully, picked her small travelling bag and walked out of his flat. It was 1 am on Saturday morning, a day after he paid for his flight which was going to be on Sunday morning.

Stepping outside the close into the main street, Tracy watched the cars that drove by hoping to find a cab.  In her head, she scripted several scenarios, and settled for the most plausible, the kind that would be believable for a lifetime.  A yellow cab pulled over a few minutes and she hopped in to the back seat.

“Isaac John!” She looked at the cab man’s face through the rear view mirror. He was a light skinned man with an awful looking moustache and an afro from the sixties.

“What number?” His moustache stretched across his mouth revealing two thick lips.

“Fifty seven!”  She hoped the cab would be slow enough for a proper development of the story in her head. A good story must twist and turn so seamlessly that the listener would have very few questions to ask at the end.

On arrival, she dialled Ezugo’s number.

“Hello”, a grumpy voice crackled through the phone.”

“Baby, what happened to your phone? I have been calling you all night.”

“Hey boo, so sorry, blame the network. Where are you?” Ezugo yawned.

“Outside your gate!” She sounded distressed

“ jokes.”

“I’m serious. Ask your gateman to open the gate.”

Ezugo peeped out of the window and barked instructions at the gateman who immediately opened the gate.  Switching on the light in the room, he slid on a singlet and headed to the main door. It was 2.00am in the morning, and as he opened the door he wondered what brought Tracy down to his house at that time of the day. Where was she coming from?

“I thought you travelled to Ibadan.” He questioned.

“I did.” She pushed her way through the door wearing a tired face.

“I was stuck in traffic on Saganmu road for five hours.”

“You can’t be serious. Five hours?”

“My dad called and insisted I return back to Lagos, since we were stuck half way.” Panting, she requested for water. Ezugo hurriedly served a cold glass of water.

“Wow, I’m so sorry sweetheart.”

“I called severally. Your line did not connect. You will have to appease me with a little libation from your loins.” She licked her lips and pulled on Ezugo’s singlet.

“Anything baby!” He leaned forward towards her.

“A hot bath, and a massage.”

“Would that be all?” Ezugo planted a kiss on her forehead.

“Err..and then I am yours all night!” She dipped her index finger into his mouth and dragged him closer with the other hand.

“Your breath is heavy. Can you wait till I’ve had my hot bath?” She winked at him passionately.

“Not until I’ve performed my ritualistic libation.” He locked his fingers into her fingers.

Ezugo’s veins stiffened with blood, and he kissed her passionately. Unable to resist her moans, he carried her to the room, and laid her back carefully on the bed. When his lights went off a few hours before, he never knew that Eros would eventually rule his night. And for the new meaning of libation, he was most grateful.  



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