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“As a consultant gynaecologist, with many years of experience I don’t just see patients; I interview my patients.” Sixty five year old, Professor Asueni looked intently across his mahogany table at the young woman before him.

“You have an impressive resume sir! I read a little about you online before deciding to visit your clinic!” Eniola smiled.

“Brilliant! It means I should be ready for an interview myself.” He laughed heartily running his fingers through his grey beard.

“I’ll have you go first!” She wondered what kind of questions she will have to answer, watching the Professor scrutinize her form. She ran some of the questions she answered on the form through her mind. How old are you? When was your first penetrative sexual experience..What’s your business sir? I came for a fertility test., Do you enjoy sex?..I’m not married sir, should you be asking me that question?

“I see that you are not married!” the doctor started.

“You see rightly sir!”

“And I see you have a great sense of humour.”

“Life has too many troubles. I hope humour still exists in my world”. She looked up at him and laughed.

“Why would an unmarried woman request to take a fertility test?” He arched his eyebrows.

“You really want to know sir.” Eniola got very comfortable with Professor Asueni. Enamoured by his toothless smile, nicely combed grey and black hair, and impeccable diction, she reeled out her life history in a few minutes.

“And so you broke up with Ezugo just like that?”

“Yes! Just like that. I had had enough!”

“Oh, but I think otherwise.” The old man’s voice went low.

“It’s been six months now, and you haven’t moved on”

“I have moved on. We don’t talk no more, Infact I have deleted and blocked him from all social media channels.”

Professor Asueni hiccupped a few times and laughed.

“Social media has a strangle-hold of you young folks.”

“How do you mean sir?” She inquired.

“You think the real you is the social media you. It’s not that simple darling. Blocking your boyfriend on twitter, facebook, googleplus..and the likes does not mean you have moved on!”

Bewildered at his statement, Eniola leaned back in her chair. This man has some deep stuff.

“If you have truly moved on from a relationship where your fertility was the basis, then you should not be here asking to be tested many months after. You are still young, and unmarried!”

Eniola shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

Professor Asueni stood up and walked to her side of the table and sat in the seat beside her.

“Relax, Eniola!” He touched her on her left shoulder.

“You don’t need to take a fertility test. You are not married, and neither are you ready to have children.”

“How do I know I am fine? I never missed my period for a day throughout my relationship with Ezugo.”

“You were fine until you made that boy convince you that marriage is all about being fertile. You were fine until you started thinking you may have fertility problems. You are fine to the extent that you are convinced that Ezugo can actually father a child.” Professor Asueni knew he had more with this lady than relate with her as a doctor.

“Move on with your life. Go beyond social media! Move on! If you have difficulties getting pregnant after marriage, just remember that I am still here, God will keep me for your sake.”

“For now, what you should be doing is looking unto the rock from which you were hewn. Allowing God to take you up again, and remould you into the ever beautiful woman you had always been.”

He looked up at his patient, and recognized yet another opportunity to fulfil the ministry of reconciliation. The forlorn demeanour of her face revealed she was fighting her tears.

“Doctor, I have believed God cannot forgive me. I was His good girl!

“Point of correction; you are His good girl.  It does not matter what you have done, or what you have gone through. He loves you all the same.”

Eniola could scarcely believe the miracle of her visit. She had come for a test, and here she was being led in a prayer of reconciliation to God.  She literally felt a big burden lifted off her shoulders, light shine through her spirit with warmth emanating from its rays.

Looking up at the old man, she didn’t know what to think anymore.

“I’m not sure you are a Doctor sir! Thank you very much!”

The Professor stood to his feet, and walked back to his seat.

“Over the years, I have realised that many people need healing beyond the medicine. And that’s why the scripture says Beloved I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”  Eniola looked up with shining eyes.

“Ah, never mind…I’m an old man. I have always preferred the King James version.”


The rays of the Sunday morning sun seemed to have an agenda; to wake Ezugo from his slumber. He roused in his bed and opened his eyes to direct sunlight that streamed through the venetian blinds. Looking from beside him around the entire room, he realized Tracy had risen from bed earlier.

“Tracy…Tracy!” He expected her to be in the kitchen fixing breakfast

“I’m here baby.” A weak voice called out from the toilet.

Curious at the languid tone of her voice, he opened the toilet without a word of enquiry. He saw his fiancée sitting on the bath tub looking like she had just finished a marathon race.

“What is wrong with you baby?” He screamed, holding up her right hand.

“I think I may be pregnant hun.” She looked up with her iris almost disappearing behind her eyelid.

“I feel very weak…like I will faint any moment now.” She whimpered.

Ezugo wanted to shout for joy, but for the state of his fiancée at that point. He carried her in his arms, smiling, into the room and laid her on the bed.

“We are off to do a blood test! I want no strips! And baby, if you’re pregnant, a new life has just begun for you. Trust me!”

After wearing a pair of jeans and a white tee shirt, Ezugo carried her and headed to his car outside.

He drove his BMW 3 series on top speed like a mad man into the streets. Looking sideways at Tracy who laid on the adjusted seat beside him.

“Are you okay, baby?”

“I’m ok dear. I just need some energy. I’m fine!” She managed to talk

Tracy smiled within herself. As her boyfriend drove through the streets of Ikeja, she said to herself the streets of Lagos no go make woman carry last. Shame to all the girls that told her she was a use and dump like the foolish Eniola. And a big boo to all her colleagues who teased her every day, saying she was a loser who wanted to force herself on Ezugo. She would walk in to the office gallantly on Monday with her resignation letter in hand. She laughed scornfully inside and whimpered in pain, causing Ezugo to cast yet another apprehensive glance at her.

“We will soon be there baby!” He said, as he touched her stomach reassuringly.

We are already there baby. I wrote today three months ago. Tracy twitched in her seat.



  1. Thank God for Eniola,m glad she came back to her source.
    Ezugo hehehehehehehe,no need to curse u,guess u r alredy a mugumaga!
    Tracey,right now tho u r bad,I admire ur manipulative mind o!kai!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hmmmm, we shall see who sharp past! Well done AJ, it is disturbing to see the extent some people can go to just to get married. Do they think every problem in their life will be solved with marriage or what is fueling their desire?


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