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Tracy walked into the ground floor of Elephant House like one of the many clients on appointment for Monday morning briefings ahead of the court cases for the week. She swayed her big hips rhythmically from side to side. Everyone, including the security men must know that I am resigning today. She let her bottle of plastic coca cola fall to the floor causing a stir from the cleaners, and security men at the reception.

“Ooops….” she looked around to see if anyone was watching.

“Sorry Madam.” The Chief Security Officer on duty called out.

Pretending to bend over to pick the bottle, she let out a few squirms.
“Oh, please I need some help…I shouldn’t be bending in this condition.” Shaking her head, so long hair could fall to the back she looked around at the cleaners who were jostling to clean the floor.

Disgusted by her arch rival’s lousy behaviour, Caroline, who had been watching Tracy keenly from behind the newspaper she had picked up at the lobby while she waited for a client to arrive, suddenly stood up , and faked a few hiccups , as she walked past Tracy into the lift.

“Today promises to be a very bad day!” She raised her voice for everyone to hear. The lift was about to close, when Tracy pressed the Hold button.

“Hello Carol.” Tracy stepped in and pressed Floor 3.

Carol immediately called for Floor 2. She could not stand walking into the common floor with a traitor. It was in this same lift that she had introduced Tracy to Ezugo when she had just joined the Juror’s & Advocates. A few weeks after that, she heard they were in a relationship. Husband Snatcher! Now I hear she is pregnant for him! She snarled inside her as the lift stopped to open on the second floor. She stepped out of the lift, blinded by hatred, and oblivious of the fact that she had not responded to Tracy until she heard her voice as the lift closed.
“It’s okay. I am leaving the company for you today!”

“To hell with you!” She screamed and almost tripped over on her stiletto heels. Ezugo was her dream until Tracy came along. She recalled how after she introduced Ezugo to Tracy and their weekend visits to his house on two occasions, she had discovered Tracy was visiting him all by herself. She had answered Tracy innocently in the negative when asked if she was in a relationship with Ezugo, even though she loved the tall, dark, broad chested gentleman. She had kept her emotions hidden since he told her he had a girl called Eniola. Whatever became of that girl ,Eniola?

She walked through the second floor and took the staircase to the third floor, but rather than head to her seat and meet with Tracy, she walked into the convenience, opened the ladies room and bolted the door behind her. I thought I was over this!

The lift opened, and Tracy looked keenly through the pool of lawyers – the army at Juror’s & Advocates. She stepped out brimming with smiles, shaking her freshly made locks. A few calls came from the over twenty lawyers filing, and working at their desktop computers, as she swayed through the floor brandishing a piece of paper in her hands. She knew the clique of girls who would disseminate the information around in the form of gossip, that she was pregnant for their most treasured Prince Ezugo, and was resigning to prepare for the grand royal wedding that will be taking place in Anambra State in two months.

“Hi ladies!” She waved the left hand that had her engagement ring in the air for effect.
The voice was very familiar to the ladies around her desk, who quickly looked up and gathered like moss on a rolling stone.

“Congratulations Princess!” One called out.

“Babe, we have heard the entire gist!”

“Wow, let’s see you wave it baby.” They gathered to look at her diamond studded engagement ring.

“Ah….I’m very tired. You guys don’t know what it feels like to be three and a half months gone!” She slumps into her seat.

“Anyway, I came to work to say goodbye. I am resigning today.” She slapped the piece of paper on the table.

“Another one bites the dust.” Leila shouted.

“This one aint biting no dust ladies. This one’s going higher, don’t you guys get? I’m resigning to take care of my husband and kids.” She looked around to see if the point was registered on the faces of her colleagues.

Laide, who had been listening keenly to the discussion from behind the ladies suddenly stood up, grabbed Tracy’s hands and pulled her up.

“We need to talk dear.” Tracy looked at her with a familiar grin.

“Pastor Laide. We do? By all means!”

“Excuse me guys, I’m so sorry.” Laide apologized leading Tracy towards the backdoor into the corridor that led to the toilet. Once inside the toilet Laide locked the door.

“Tracy…I have been waiting to see you since you took a sick leave.” Laide looked at her friend through the mirror.

“I have heard so many stories since then, but I couldn’t be bothered until I heard from the horse’s mouth.”
Tracy wanted to avoid the conversation.

“Can we not talk about this? All that happened is now in the past, I am moving forward.” She dismissed her friend with a wave of the hand.

“In the past? Tracy? The past does not go away that easily, especially when you’ve got a token from the past in your possession.” Laide’s eyes grew misty.

“Look Laide, I confided in you at that time because I didn’t know what to do. Greg impregnated me, and left for Canada. If I aborted, it would have been the tenth abortion. I had to find a way around it. Just keep praying for me!”

“Pray for you? That what? ”

Tracy paced back and forth the toilet floor, she wished Laide would let things remain as she had planned it, but at the same time, this was a lady she respected so much in the office. Unashamed about the things of God, she had sometimes wished she could love God the way Laide did.

“So what do you want me to do now?”

“Tracy, open up the truth, and hand your life over to God before it is too late.” Laide pleaded with her.

“It’s not too late, if you will speak the truth now!”

“You mean I should tell Ezugo that the baby inside me is not for him but for Greg?” She looked helplessly at the ceiling. “I’d rather die, I swear!”

Laide broke down in tears staring at herself in the mirror. All her twenty seven years, she had never come this close to a story like this.

“I’m heartbroken. I pleaded with you not to do this the last time we spoke, and you promised me. I promised to stand by you in all of this. I prayed to God to help you face the challenges of single parenthood even if it came to that.”

Confused, Tracy leaned with her back on the wall, and wondered who ought to be crying. And this was one of the reasons she loved and respected Laide, her passion for life and truth was so strong. Suddenly, she felt she had broken her innocence, and regretted ever confiding in her.

“Laide, you have to let this matter be! I will face the consequences of my decision. You won’t even see me again. I am resigning today!”

A crackling noise came in from the female toilet, and almost immediately the sounds of stiletto heels, before the door to the toilet opened. Carol emerged from behind the door, and without looking around, she headed straight for the sink beside Tracy, rinsed her hands with water, unlocked the main door, and walked out into the corridor.



6 thoughts on “BENEATH THE SHEETS IV

  1. Ewooooooo
    This is BAD!!!
    Really BAD!!!
    And yes like Gree said, why z everyone tripping for Ezugo?
    Oh well, if he looked like Mike Ezuronye and the ladies were like me, I would understand.
    But err, nope they aren’t…
    He he he
    Great post


  2. Omo! This is a serious one oh! Tracy don enter am. Ezugo is just an idiot. I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks Uncle A for this episode.


  3. Hiaaaan o!Uncle Ajoyo ,Y na,Y did u allow Caro to hear the gist !kai!was wondering hw far tracy was gonna take this pregnancy thing to!n I was already laffin at Ezugo o!(Dnt blame me for wantin hz downfall).
    If Caro can play this game ehn!na to finish Tracy o!Choi.
    Eniola nko bayi.hope she z fyn o,or we stil need to prescribe antidepressants for her!
    Lovely Episode!
    Ps:y r all d xters in this story trippin for one man o!na so Ezugo fyn reach(beef much)

    Liked by 1 person

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