This is me.

I write from my heart to infuse your soul. I breathe out themes of love, romance, and kindred. My name is Ajoyo Sowande. I am a banker , with the mind of a playwright. You need to watch out for my films on your big screen. Follow me on my journey to discover love…it’s what we all live for.


18 thoughts on “This is me.

  1. I aint d only one tellin u,that u v a xtic way of writin,jus got u anoda fan,who after I broadcasted sent me”I really like this stories”,frm my phlegmatic non-talkin only smilin friend,it means a lot.good to kno that ur talent is abinibi o!God wil increase n multiply it in Jesus name,awaitin the movies and d spellbound novels


  2. Hi, I’m intrigued by your writing style and the positive and encouraging message it delivers.
    Studied English but wish I could write like you.
    God bless you real good.


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