Is your Teenager Sexting or Texting?

Hi everyone! This is Ajay again. Today features another episode on Random Saturday, and I thought you should know and tell us what you think about social media and its text language. I’d like to hear what you think.

A few years ago I started seeing the abbreviations ‘LOL’ , ‘LMFAO’, ‘LMAO’…they were the most common and probably the in thing on social media and chats. Oh, It started on yahoo chat…how can I forget  ‘ASL’? It was a routine check for identity of the anonymous individual who wanted to chat with you on the other end.  For those who didn’t do yahoo chats back in the early 2000s it means ‘Age, Sex Location?’ I’d laugh out loud if there is any one here who does not know the meanings of the first three abbreviations I put up.

Language is evolving, and curiously social media and chat language is taking the front seat in this process. Did you know, for example, that the word of the year according the THE OXFORD DICTIONARY is emoji?  Infact emoji is not exactly a word it is a pictograph of a face with tears of joy. And before you ask too many questions, please go download an ‘Urban Dictionary’ on that phone.

You can Thank me later.

The evolution of language now poses a new challenge to parenting, and mentoring  in the 21st century. Teenagers now have smart phones, except the Silicon Valley teenagers …hmmm..somehow there parents who are the progenitors of social media do not want them exposed to the vagaries of life that social media presents. That is food for thought, by the way. Away from this food for thought, your younger brothers and sisters, and your children are using a smart phone because you do not live in Silicon Valley. They probably use Palmchat, Facetime, Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter, Instagram, baddoo, 2go..I am sure the list is endless. You, as an adult is also on these platforms, but you may not understand half the stuff they chat about if you do not know their language.

Did you know the meaning of these abbreviations?  I read through them with my mouth wide opened. I wonder what your reaction would be when we are done.


Your mind must be in a maze right now? Teenagers function nicely in this maze. And you need to get in the maze with them if we must guide them appropriately. Of course, you must know there are sexual predators prowling like lions seeking who to devour. Except you want to continue believing the devil is in one place struggling to get to everyone at the same time. Hellooo, the struggle is over. Social media has the day. Wake Up..Wake Up…and don’t shout Blood of Jesus just yet. Get in the maze and sprinkle the word on these impressionable minds.

Is your mouth still wide open? Close it quickly. You got a lot of work to do. Get chatting with your teenager. Get on as many platforms that you find them, and once in while look for something on their phone. You never know when some pervert is asking for DOC or telling them to GNOC. If by chance you come across POB or 9, you swing into 007 Mode. Investigate!

Finally, remember to pray for your children and wards. They have come at a time when information is ubiquitous and access to anything costs a few bucks for data.  So is your teenager sexting?..oops that should be ‘texting’.


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